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What Is The Parole Process For Prisoners In Oklahoma?

The State of Oklahoma had been trying to deal with an increasing prison population while looking for ways to reasonably facilitate its decline. Parole is an avenue for a prisoner in the State of Oklahoma to seek release and help with soaring prison rates. If you have a loved one in prison in Oklahoma you may be wondering what the Oklahoma parole process looks like. You may be asking yourself “How does a prisoner get parole in Oklahoma?" Today, I'll give you a glimpse into the Oklahoma parole process.

A Second Chance For Young Adult Criminal Offenders With Life Sentences?

Men do not make laws. They do but discover them. -Calvin Coolidge From the vantage of the present, it is easy to take the long view of history and pronounce it an unending march of progress and enlightenment. However, each advancement, each ascension, from within the setting in which it occurred, was a near-run thing...

Author Kevin Macklin

My journey with Midjourney AI

I didn’t know what I had planned on doing when first getting started on Midjourney AI. Seeing what it could do and learning how to do it was all I could think about. Posts showing these artificial intelligence renderings have been floating around social media for a while now and the degree of detail instantly…

Author Kevin Macklin

Education As A Hobby

I’ve noticed an alarming trend in the black community. I’ve experienced it myself growing up and I’ve also noticed it throughout my adulthood as I’ve looked at people both younger than me and my same age. There is not only a disinterest, but a disdain for education in the black community. Growing up I was…

Author Kevin Macklin

On Writing A Novel: Conflict

To be clear, conflict is any challenges your main characters face. Nothing should be easy for your main character, not even conversations. Your main character should be challenged, and often. How they overcome these challenges truly defines their character. Kinda like life, right? When I first started learning the craft of writing, I kept seeing...

Author Kevin Macklin

Afrofuturism & The Black Literary Phenomena That It Is

Coined in 1993, the term afrofuturism refers to an aesthetic movement encompassing elements of fantasy, speculative fiction & sci-fi, and history through the eyes of the African American experience. To be clear, an aesthetic is a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement. Science, technology, magical realism...

Author Kevin Macklin

I Produced My Audiobook From Prison

With extremely limited resources a prisoner must mainly rely on their family in order to sufficiently take care of themselves. For years I’ve been looking for ways to make a legal income without leaning so heavily on my family. I’m an adult. Not only should I be taking care of myself, but I should also be able to contribute.

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